I came across a few tools recently that are proving to be quite useful in my workflow. Not only are they free, but they actually work pretty well!

Handbrake – An open source media encoder that’s great at mp4, the new web standard. Also has easy presets for iOS devices and a host of other targets. I found the UI to be simple and intuitive, and to produce better, faster, and easier results than Apple’s Quicktime Pro.

CamStudio – I like Camtasia Sudio but the price tag is a bit much for me. CamStudio is a great free alternative that makes creating tutorials and screen casts a snap. It lacks Camtasia Studio’s editing and publishing suite, but that’s not a huge deal to me.

TreeSketch 2.0 – An awesome iPad app that generates 3D trees you can actually use, and exports them to FBX. The interface is nothing short of revolutionary, in my opinion.