Armageddon 2006 Teaser Trailer

In 2005, I co-founded Boanerges Studios with Chris Whaley and Garland Wong in San Diego, CA to work on a first person shooter code-named Armageddon for XBOX360 and PC. My team continued to develop Reality Engine after the Epic buyout, integrating cutting edge physics, effects, and gameplay into our game design. I wrote the Game Design Document and directed much of the art and coding effort that went into the title. Key features shown in the video above:

  • Squad AI in Single Player and Multi-Player
  • Random Story Events in SP and MP
  • Top-Down “Commander” view with real-time switching between squad members
  • Special abilities such as placeable turrets
  • Multiple-passenger vehicles with customizable weapons
  • Characters with customizable hair and tattoos
  • Upgradeable armor

I was responsible for pitching the game to publishers, though many shied away due to the controversial nature of the story (a sci-fi future based on the Book of Revelation). Armageddon was in development for a year and was strongly considered by EA, Vivendi, and SOE before it was finally picked up by Atari. Unfortunately, the game was cancelled a few months later when the publisher’s financial situation bottomed out.

Boanerges Studios and Reality Engine Demo Reel